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 Gujarat Tourism
Gujarat today offers a wide range of the most spectacular attractions - which includes breathtaking locations and scenic landscapes. Gujarat is also a melting pot of several civilizations resulting in a vibrant culture and a rich heritage. Gujarat is home to several architectural marvels,witnesses of its glorious history and pilgrim centers for many faiths. Finally, it is also the of several mythological and historical
figures like the legendary Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi the apostle of non-violence. The Tourism Corporation of Gujarat is aware of the unsurpassed reach of the wonderful medium called the Internet. This site is the Corporation's endeavor to convey the timeless appeal of Gujarat, its traditions; its culture to the world. The task of conveying a 3,500-year-old culture cannot be completed in just a few electronic pages and your support and suggestions are needed to help us evolve into an organization that can provide good service on the Internet. Currently on the website, we provide a brief summary of the various tourist attractions of Gujarat, its fairs and festivals along with the Investment Opportunities available in Gujarat. The Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited, set up in 1975, provides comprehensive travel services to visitors to the state. These include accommodation, conducted tours and ground transport with a wide range of choice to meet diverse needs. The Corporation has a network of 18 accommodation units and 5 Cafeterias under the brand name Toran.
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