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Gujarat State Non-Resident Gujaratis' Foundation (NRGF) has been established by the Government of Gujarat to further the common interests, concerns and historical ties that bind the people of Gujarat to NRGs ( Non- Resident Gujaratis ) or people of Gujarati origin living outside Gujarat, in other states within India as well as places outside the country) with a firm belief that the contact and friendship established through programs of the foundation can go a long way towards generating mutual benefits for the people
of Gujarat as well as NRGs and achieving avowed objectives of the NRGF. The objectives of the Gujarat State Non Resident Gujaratisí Foundation ("Gujarat Rajya Bin Niwasi Gujarati Pratisthan.") are to explore the possibility as to how Non Resident Gujaratisí / Non Resident Indians (NRGs/ NRIs) can play vital role in the development of the state and to identify the areas where Government can be of assistance to NRGs / NRIs. In short time, with active interaction with NRGs / NRIs the FOUNDATION has identified several areas and has initiated actions.
To establish effective communication with NRGs in various parts of the world, prepare and maintain a comprehensive data-base about NRGs.
To study from time to time, social and cultural issue of NRGs and take steps to formulate schemes for meeting their requirements.
To take effective steps to survey and assess the technical and professional skills of NRGs and to dovetail the same into Gujaratís development effort.
To tap the technological, managerial and financial resources of the NRGs so as to upgrade the technical and professional skills and the human resource of the state for the economic and industrial development of the state.
To channelize the savings and surplus financial resources of the NRGs into the Gujaratís developmental efforts for mutual gain.
To monitor the general welfare of the NRGs and in time of crisis identify specific problems of Gujarati Non Resident Indians groups and take up the same with and through Government of India.
To take up other such activities as may be entrusted by State Government.
To do the Listing /Data Collection of NGOs who are approved by the Charity commissioner under the law.
To co-ordinate with the NGOs on behalf of the State Government during the natural/manmade calamities.
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